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10% Organic Cotton, 30% Peace Silk, 60% Bamboo - 100 standard Oeko-Tex certified

Crafted in our new handloom pattern weave of Peace Silk and Bamboo brings out an eye catching shine. Sunset features a low back and adjustable draw-string making the front adjustable for a wider or thinner neckline to suit your figure. Her stretch hugs your curves and flares into a mermaid-shape bottom with a side-split for extra movement. She is the perfect dress that will leave you wanting to dance on a tropical beach barefoot.

Fabric Feel + Texture:

Our NEW signature sustainable blend is handcrafted with our primary fabric partners in India. Woven on hand-looms with a detailed loom process creating a stipped pattern with the Silk and Bamboo yarn. creating a unique texture and giving an eye-catching shine. It is a delicate fabric and hugs the body with stretch.

Bamboo 60% - The bamboo plant is one of the most versatile resources today. Bamboo is not only a renewable source, it is also the fastest-growing crop, with some varieties growing almost a meter in a single day. As such, it requires less labor and land, making it available and relatively affordable material. In particular, we like bamboo because this plant needs no fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Pesticides, especially in synthetic form, kill the microorganisms in the soil. In the long run, pesticides rob the soil of nutrients and significantly decrease its ability to feed the plants and control the water flow. Using crops like bamboo keeps the soil free of such interventions, allowing it to naturally regenerate.

We choose to work with bamboo for its softness, flexibility, and natural antibacterial properties. Bamboo is also a high carbon-absorbing plant and is overall better for the soil. Unfortunately, due to mass production and a growing market need, bamboo became a profitable business. The reality is that just because the crop doesn’t require synthetic chemicals, it doesn’t mean that they are not used, both to grow the plant and to process it into the fabric. Today, bamboo is often planted as a monoculture, contributing to rapid forest and biodiversity loss. The supply chain is usually not transparent and we have no information about the safety and compensation of the farmers and workers involved in its production.

This is why we made sure to source organic and 100 OEKO-TEX certified bamboo, meaning that we use no toxic chemicals in any part of our production. As always, we create our fabrics and garments ethically, in close partnership with our artisans.

Peace Silk ( Ahimsa silk) - 30%

Rare things are as captivating as silk cloth. Smooth, light but durable, we love the luxurious feel of the silk but not the way it is made.

The usual production of silk or sericulture starts by harvesting the silk cocoons and boiling them, with the live caterpillars inside. This is done to keep the silk thread whole and undamaged. Peace silk is a type of silk, which is produced from silk cocoons, where the worm comes out of the cocoons. As the worm cuts the cocoons and moves away from cocoons, the Silk Cocoons are considered as the SECOND grade of Cocoons as it is not possible to get Reeled silk / Continuous filament silk yarn from it. So, our fabric partners collect those types of cocoons. When we became interested in silk, we firmly decided that we will do things differently. There is no beauty in clothes if it comes with suffering. This is why we turned to peace or ahimsa silk. This is a cruelty-free process that uses abandoned cocoons, allowing the silkworm to live its full lifecycle. We process the silk threads ethically and sustainably, working closely with artisans and using natural, handmade, and waste-free processes.

10% Organic Cotton

The Sustainable fabric blend comes in three colorways:

Indigo is dyed with our new dying partners they are above sustainability and ethical production and use all certificated and eco-friendly dyes.

Cream is completely the natural color of all the fibers and only water is used in the process.

Marigold is dyed with our new dying partners they are above sustainability and ethical production and use all certificated and eco-friendly dyes.

Made in Los Angeles at our Savannah Morrow sustainable production studio.

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Please note: Model is wearing XS and it was a little snug on her. We would recommend a S for her measurements for a more flowing fit.

Model is wearing XS.

She is 5'9" and her measurements are

Waist: 26"

Hips: 35.5"

Bust: 34C

COLOR: Indigo