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70% Giza Cotton, 30% Bamboo — OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

The traditional strapless top enhanced, Pia plays with clean lines and tilted asymmetry for an effect that is as unique as its wearer. Cut in at the waist and out to cut across the hips in layering angles, this top flatters the form. the classic straight neckline embedded with elastic for stability bring a touch of timelessness to this garment. Pair with the Pia bottoms.


Styled with: Pia Pant Cream

Fabric & Fit Details: The Pia Top features an elastic band for a comfortable fit. Both models wear XS. Fits true to size. The fabric has stretch.

Fabric Content: NEW 70% Giza Cotton, 30% Bamboo — OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

Fabric Country of Origin: Made on handlooms by our weaving artists in India.

Fabric Production: Crafted in 100% handloom-made fabric. We partner with fabric production artisans who use traditional, manual handlooms that don’t require electricity to preserve the art of fabric making, support small villages with generations of fabric-making knowledge, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Garment Production: This garment is sewn ethically by our outsourced seamstress team in Delhi, India. This small woman-owned factory is an ethical and safe working environment for all employees and is GOTS certified and compliant.

Sustainable Fabric Details:

GIZA COTTON: Considered the world’s finest cotton, Giza Cotton is grown along the Nile River Delta, where nutrient-rich waters of the river, along with the cooler sea air, temper the otherwise hot Egyptian summer temperatures. Additionally, the high humidity levels in this area create a unique environment that is perfect for growing cotton.

To preserve its quality, all Giza cotton is picked by hand. This time-consuming process contributes to the higher cost of Giza Cotton but also results in materials made from longer and more complete fibers. (In contrast, the blade of a harvesting machine will arbitrarily cut through the cotton, reducing the natural strength and length of the fibers).

Giza Cotton promotes social and ethical development by protecting people along the value chain with an emphasis on decent wages, paying attention to women empowerment and child protection.

giza cotton ensures Water and energy rational use in Cotton processing, through technologies that save precious resources, and apply methodologies that do not discharge hazardous and polluting substances into the local environment. All of this is a part of Giza Cotton’s ecological waste management.

BAMBOO: Our bamboo is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and sourced from manageable farms. It requires zero fertilizers/pesticides to grow. Pesticides, especially in synthetic form, kill the microorganisms in the soil, robbing the soil of nutrients significantly decreasing its ability to feed the plants and control the water flow. Our bamboo keeps the soil free of such interventions, allowing it to naturally regenerate. As a result, bamboo needs significantly less water than most crops, such as cotton. Moreover, bamboo is a carbon dioxide-absorbing plant that helps to clean our atmosphere. Bamboo contains very high antibacterial properties. It utilizes thermal control through its hollow microfiber structure allowing it to be naturally warm, yet breathable. Bamboo is also one of the best fibers for absorbing wet moisture, comfortable & safe for your skin.

Care Details: Dry clean only or hand wash in warm water.

Due to the nature of this wrinkle fabric, it can expand with each wear if you find some wrinkle areas have flattened out after being worn.

To wash: Hand wash in warm water. Ring excess water out with a twisting motion to enhance the original wrinkle effect, and the fibers will contract back and tighten to their original wrinkle state. Lay flat to dry and flatten out any lump or bumps while wet. When dry, steam press any lumps and bumps. DO NOT IRON.

Natural fabric softener helps keep the fabric soft in touch.

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Rola (dark hair model) measurements: Wears an XS.

Bust: 32B"

Waist: 25"

Hip: 37"

Georgie (blonde model) measurement: Wears an XS.

Height: 5'7

Bust: 34"

Waist: 25.5"

Hip: 35"