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We love our planet and we’re mindful of the impact we make on it and its people. We believe in the individuals and the collective power of conscious consuming.

Creating a beautiful sustainable fashion brand that is honest to our customers, respectful to our employees and our planet is of utmost importance. From the very beginning, we are proud to say Savannah Morrow The Label has been on the path towards sustainability.

Savannah Morrow The Label ensures fair, safe and clean workplace conditions on a global scale. We’re joining the fashion revolution because clothes shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet.

We want to reduce negative environmental and social impacts by rethinking every stage of our design process, including concept, material, production choices, development, the use and end-of-life of a product with sustainability at the forefront in all areas of the manufacturing and retail process.

Our environmental and sustainability policy as an organization is tied to Savannah’s concerns over the impact of humans on living and non-living natural systems, including the ecosystems of land, air and water. In some textile producing regions freshwater and drinking water have become a scarce resource, which often has to do with industrial consumption and waste. We work for more efficiency in the conservation of freshwater. We consider environmental initiatives an integrated part of management planning and we work for continuously improving environmental responsibility. Savannah Morrow The Label confirms that its suppliers and retailers comply with all applicable environmental standards in order to further our brands mission of reducing environmental impact.

Let’s talk about Slow Fashion

We believe in slow fashion and minimal consumption, this is why we only aim for 1-3 collections per year. 90% of our products are hand woven and hand dyed and our staple signature SS20 cotton designed by Savannah is made with no electricity on old hand looms, we work directly with artists from their homes and weaving villages in India, so they too can participate with global trade, you can read more about who we work with here. We commit to never working with large corporations and factories and we will only ever produce enough material for the stock that is needed.

All garments from Savannah Morrow The Label are created from natural, biodegradable fabrics that either come from a sustainable and/or organic source. We guarantee to our customers that we will always stay away from toxic fibers, the damage synthetic fabrics have on the environment is very alarming, you can read more about the types of fabrics we work with here.

In the beginning of fashion, humans would create clothing from natural fibers like cotton, wool and cashmere, before man made fabrics existed these fibers were non toxic and were not “wrinkle free” or “stain resistant” - these terms typically mean your clothing has been chemically treated. It all changed in 1889 when a man made artificial silk fabric was created, this changed the market of the fashion industry, humans were now able to produce fabric at a high speed, causing mass production or as they say, fast fashion.

Check the tag on your clothing, you will often see that the fabrics listed are commonly polyester, nylon, acetate, lycra, spandex, acrylic…the list goes on. These highly toxic, man made fibers (some which are made from petroleum, plastic and alcohol) are mass produced and are extremely harmful to humans and our environment as they do not break down and often end up in landfill or our oceans.

Savannah Morrow The Label fabrics are strictly toxic free, having personally sourced our sustainable fabrics from around the world. We require our suppliers supply us with a certificate that allows us to determine a given fabric’s organic status and our suppliers truthfully communicate with us if any of the materials or fibers we choose have synthetic traces within them. The fabrics we use are designed for Savannah Morrow The Label, you will not find these materials being used with any other brand.

From Savannah 

It is my mission to create a beautiful and sustainable fashion brand that makes a statement both creatively and globally. Why? I see both an urgent need and obligation to bring change to the fashion industry. It is both a responsibility and opportunity to arm myself with values, ideas, knowledge and courage to step away from the “current fashion system”