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Ethics and Sustainability

It is our mission to create one of the most beautiful and conscious fashion brands in the world. Why? Because, we see all that this earth provides for us, its people, and sadly we see every day the negative impacts the fashion industry leaves on this planet. There is no denying the fashion industry is one of this world’s biggest polluters, second behind coal mines. Not only is the fashion industry a massive world polluter, but still to this day fashion companies are supporting slave labour.

"I see both an urgent need and opportunity to bring change to the fashion industry. Therefor shying away is not an option, it is both an obligation and opportunity to equip myself with values, ideas, knowledge, and audacity to step out of the “current fashion system”. Because I believe that creating a beautiful sustainable fashion brand that is honest to our customers and respectful to our employees and our planet is most important." 

From the very beginning, we are proud to say Savannah Morrow The Label has been on the path to sustainability.  

Who is making our garments? 

Our garments wouldn't exist if it weren't for the passion and dedication from our partners around the world.


Who is making our clothing?

If you where with us last year you would know that we started with two very small family operated business in Mexico and Indonesia. Run by women who work from home. As we started to grow and production was getting tricky. We decided to move all of our production to an eco friendly production house in Indonesia that is run by a dear friend of ours. All employees are well respected and paid above wages. For the Mexican and Indonesian women who have been with us from the start, we are still employing them in other aspects of our company so they can continue to be the boss ladies they are. 


Organic - Sustainable - Natural

With modern cotton farming accounting for 25% of the words use of insecticides. These chemicals are extremely harmful to the earths environment, people and wild life. While their intended effects are often short-lived, studies have shown that chemical pesticides linger in the atmosphere, the ground and in our waterways long after the job is over. Savannah Morrow The Label is proud to work with wild organic cotton. Being grown with no GMOS, fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides.


Natural Dying

During synthetic dying, the coloration process, a large percentage of the dye dose not bind to the fabric and is lost to the wastewater stream, destructing rivers all around the world. The effect this has on humanity is astonishing. Not only threatening wild life but also impacting the lives of the people who count on these waterways for their survival. China alone is estimated that 70 percent of the rivers and lakes are contaminated by the 2.5 billion gallons of wastewater produced by the textile industry.

We are extremely proud to work with a sustainable natural dying factory. Over half our garments are 100% naturally dyed by mother earth herself. How it works, our fabrics are dyed in small batches, using plant based dyes made from tree bark and leaves that are grown on their farms. The process begins by cutting bark or leaves into small pieces that are fermented in boiling water. The fabrics are dyed in small batches. Once they finish the dying process, they compost all the leftover plant scraps. The factory uses zero-waste, sustainable practices to create their dyes. When there is excess dyed water, it’s runs through a natural plant filtration system where plants absorb the excess natural dye, and the water comes out clear and ready to be used again. It’s a family run business, they take great care of their employees and maintain a beautiful, plant filled workspace. They are passionate about using what nature has to offer in everything they do. The perfect match for Savannah Morrow the label.


Our Packaging and Labelling

Because we believe that even the little things make a different. We make sure to minimise wastage in all aspects of our business. Our packaging is plastic-free. 
We send our orders out in either a biodegradable satchel which is made from corn starch or a 100% recycled paper box. Our swing tags come from recycled cotton paper. Our packing & wrapping consists of recycled tissue paper and poly bags made from corn. So none of our packaging will end up in land fills or our oceans. This is only the beginning for Savannah Morrow the label and already we are on the road to sustainability. It is a challenge but one I am dedicated to no matter the obstacles. I am constantly sourcing materials and new innovative ways throughout our whole supply chain to ensure this brand stays on the eco-friendly path and grows into one of the most beautiful and conscious fashion brands in the world. Together we can leave a lighter footprint on this planet and turn heads while doing so. Wearing Savannah Morrow The Label.