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Introducing our new swimwear made from plants. 

Born out of awe for the natural world, Savannah Morrow’s commitment to sustainability has finally led us to the ocean’s shores. Our new fabrics are made from all-natural, wood-based fibers, and will minimize our contribution to microplastic pollution. 

A Sea of Plastic

The fashion industry alone is responsible for approximately 35% of total microplastic pollution, and swimwear is no exception. 

Traditionally, swimwear is made from petroleum-based synthetic fibers, like polyester or nylon. These fabrics prioritize functionability at the expense of the environment. Every single time it is produced and every time we, as the end consumer, wear or wash it, tiny pieces of plastic, known as microplastics, enter our waterways. Their impact can be fatal to marine life, pollutes our soil, and can even end up in our food. 

We are not the first to seek sustainable swimwear, but the current alternatives are still falling short. Options such as recycled polyester (rePet) have become more widely favored by sustainable brands. While it does require fewer resources and lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional swimwear, recycled plastic is still plastic, and plastic in any form contributes to the bigger microplastic pollution problem. 

(Pictured above: Our sustainable MALI ONE PIECE SWIM REVERSIBLE )

Our Fabrics

Our fabrics have always been our calling card, and that continues to remain true with our new swimwear.  Working in tandem with our fabric innovators in Spain, PYRATEX®, we found our solution: microtencel. Made from 93% microtencel and 7% elastane– we turned back to nature to create a fabric for the future of swimwear.

Microtencel is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and comes from renewable, wood-based fibers. All trees used to produce the fibers are grown in natural forests and sustainably managed plantations without chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation. Close to 100% of the wood and pulp is FSC®, or PEFCTM certified.

These fibers are fully biodegradable under soil and marine conditions, as well as compostable. Furthermore, the water scarcity impact is 1.7 times lower than that of generic viscose fibers.

This fabric is the first time we have used synthetic fiber blends in our designs, and it is not a decision we took lightly. 

We always want to be transparent about our decision-making process. “Introducing a small percentage of synthetics was a hard decision. But I wanted to give our customers a better option, and this is it. We will continue working with suppliers pushing innovation in materials that will eventually eliminate synthetic fibers altogether,” our CEO, Savannah expresses.

Good for the Ocean, Good for You

Environmental impact is always a priority, but so are you. 

True to our versatility design principles, we created these pieces to be worn both as stand alone pieces, as well as layering pieces under other garments. Our swimwear is light and breathable, and because the fabric is processed using a low-toxicity solvent, it is healthier for your skin. Perfect for long-wear and sensitive skin, our new swim is anti-bacterial and anti-irritation. 

We know you’ll feel good in our Savannah Morrow swimwear. Now you can feel good about it too. 

Plant-based swim is available now. 

xx Savannah Morrow