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Summer 2024

Celebrating Italian Summers: Savannah Morrow's Summer '24 Collection

Our Summer 2024 collection is a celebration of the quintessential Italian summer, capturing the allure of sun-drenched days and balmy evenings along the Mediterranean coast.


Sofia Dress Ivory

Pictured above: Sofia Dress Ivory

Inspired by Mediterranean Elegance

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues and timeless elegance of Italian landscapes, our latest collection embodies the effortless chic synonymous with Italian summers. Picture yourself strolling through lemon-scented gardens or enjoying an evening aperitivo overlooking the azure waters—the essence of Italian leisure and luxury permeates every piece.



Pictured above: Pia Top Cream

Natural and Ethically-Sourced Fabrics

Continuing our long-term commitment to sustainability, each garment in the Summer 2024 collection is meticulously crafted from natural, ethically-sourced fabrics. From airy silk chiffon to luxurious viscose knits and bamboo-cotton blends, every material is chosen for its minimal environmental impact and exceptional quality, reflecting our dedication to both fit and sustainability.


Versatile Silhouettes for Every Occasion

Whether you're lounging poolside, exploring coastal villages, or attending a sunset soirée, the Savannah Morrow Summer '24 collection offers versatile silhouettes that effortlessly transition from day to night. Flowy maxi dresses, silky knits that hug the body, NEW crochet silhouettes, and light co-ords in a palette of summer ivories and vibrant plum purples and moss greens ensure you look and feel impeccable wherever your summer holiday takes you.


ARI SWIM TOP SICILIAN AND ARI SWIM BOTTOM SICILIANPictured above: Ari Swim Top Sicilian & Ari Swim Bottom Sicilian

Sustainable Swimwear Made From Plants is Back!

Our Summer 2024 collection features sustainable swimwear crafted from PYRATEX® Microtencel, a revolutionary fabric derived from sustainably managed European forests, primarily utilizing wood pulp from trees like eucalyptus, spruce, pine, birch, and beech. This renewable, wood-based fiber is OEKO-TEX® certified and produced without chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation, ensuring minimal environmental impact from forest to fiber. Handmade and ethically produced in LA, it offers breathable, quick-drying comfort with antibacterial properties—perfect for eco-conscious luxury in every swim.

This innovative fabric significantly reduces its ecological footprint compared to conventional materials:

  • Water Conservation: PYRATEX® Microtencel requires approximately 30 liters less water per meter compared to regular cotton, contributing to water scarcity mitigation.
  • Carbon Footprint: It saves approximately 7kg of CO2 emissions per meter during its lifecycle, promoting a lower carbon impact.
  • Eutrophication Impact: With 1.4g less PO4 (eutrophication impact) per meter, it supports cleaner water ecosystems compared to traditional textile fibers.


Experience the Collection

Immerse yourself in the allure of Italian summers and explore the Savannah Morrow Summer '24 collection. From breezy resortwear to sophisticated evening attire, our pieces are crafted to inspire and endure, embodying the spirit of sustainable luxury with every stitch.

Each garment is a statement of elegance and conscience, designed for your now and forever wardrobe. Join us in embracing sustainable luxury and timeless beauty, where every choice reflects a commitment to a brighter, more beautiful future.

Visit our new Summer '24 collection to view the full collection.