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Spring Summer ’22

We see blooming flowers, almost ready to show us their colors and scent the air. A soft wind is ruffling leaves that have emerged recently, and the sunshine caresses the old olive trees. We listen to the hum of the waves touching the rocks and feel the ground becoming alive again.


This moment of stillness in the middle of reviving nature is what inspired our new collection. The Spring Summer ‘22 collecting is all about balancing the fresh energy of tailored pieces with the timeless beauty of relaxed silhouettes. Altering between the olive green, deep scarlet red, and sandstone colors, we created transitional garments that you can rely on in spring, summer, and beyond.

To celebrate the season of awakening and change, we devoted the collection to two distinct styles. The soft and flowy pieces made with our bamboo and silk blend contrast the wonderful and detailed hand crochet and knitted work.

We truly love the process of creating a new collection. Transforming the ideas into a fabric and the thrill of finding the right materials is something we always look forward to. However, there is more to it than personal creative fulfillment. Every collection is an opportunity to show that fashion can be slow and mindful. Every time we create a new garment, we honor the beauty of nature and choose to support the artisanal communities around the world.

This collection is no exception.

We created it ethically and sustainably, in principle with our values and vision of fashion. The designs you see in this collection come from the talents, work, and knowledge of our partners.  


The luxury of bamboo and silk

After seeing how much you loved our signature silk and bamboo fabric in the previous collection, we decided to bring it back. 

Our most luxurious fabric has a unique texture, perfect for structured but light pieces that will move with ease together with your body. Along with tops, dresses, and bottoms, we introduced two styles of blouses. You can easily throw these over a flowy dress or combine them with the pants from the collection for a more formal look.

Once again, we sourced silk and bamboo ethically and have chosen these materials for their lower footprint and natural properties. Our fabrics are free of pesticides, toxins, and GMOs. We choose bamboo because it is a fast-growing crop, requiring very little water and other resources. We are also making sure to only work with bamboo that has not been heavily processed to avoid adding any chemicals to our products. This way, it keeps the natural properties and blends wonderfully with silk. Though not all silk is ethical, we made sure to work with the better version of it. If you would like to explore further the topic of silk in fashion, we invite you to read our previous blog post here.

Our fabric artisans in India are handcrafting this fabric. This business is run by a family that has been practicing, perfecting, and preserving the wavering craft for over 100 years. They have passed their wisdom from generation to generation, and fabrics like this are a part of their long history. The artisans use big wooden handlooms and old knowledge of fabric work to create this luxurious, light, and gentle fabric, uniquely for us. Since working with us, the family grew their business and is now employing more people from the village, giving them an opportunity to work in safe and fair conditions.

We make sure that the fabric they create is further treated and processed minimally to preserve the raw beauty of silk and bamboo. We dye the fabric with natural dyes and then send it to our in-house studio in Los Angeles. Our small team transforms it into pieces, you can see below. Because we do everything ourselves, we can guarantee the quality of each garment we make.


The crochet nostalgia

We absolutely love our bamboo and silk fabric. However, this time, we wanted to pay a special tribute to the nostalgia and art of crochet. 

That is why we designed eight pieces, all carefully crafted by small artisans groups in Peru. Each garment takes hours to make, embodying our philosophy of slow fashion. If you take a closer look at each design, you will see a variety of techniques: ranging from tightly bound and structured to light, intertwined strings that form lace-like forms.

We have chosen to work with these artisan groups due to their long history of textiles. Communities in modern-day Peru have had complex weaving, spinning, and cultivation methods for the native and original fibers around them for thousands of years. Even some of the most sophisticated machinery today cannot imitate the same techniques.

Rather than giving away to the modern industry, these artisans use ancient craft forms to interpret modern designs. Moreover, they use toxic-free and natural fibers in their creations. Thanks to businesses like ours, they work from the safety of their home villages. Some women we work with can now provide for their homes and send their children to school. To us, this is the true power and beauty of doing business ethically.

Every crochet and knitted garment in the Spring Summer ‘22 collection is a statement on its own, leaving you endless ways of interpreting and wearing it. 

Explore the entire collection here.