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Earth Day 2022

Earth Day reflections: can fashion save the world?

We all live in an ecosystem of networks, connections, and dependencies called the planet Earth. Whether you are sitting in an office, walking barefoot on a beach, or dancing on the streets, you are a part of the living, a part of nature. We all are. And that is our power.

Earth Day (April 22nd) is a celebration of this interconnection. It is a perfect moment to reflect on the clothes we wear too.

If you have been with us for a while, you might know that Savannah first started designing and selling her clothes at flea markets around Los Angeles. She was determined to turn her creativity and love for fashion into a force for good. It has been a long journey, but today, Savannah Morrow sources only natural and sustainable materials and manufactures them ethically. While by no means claiming to be perfect, sustainability and ethics are woven into every piece we make. 

However, there has been a question that we have been struggling to answer since the beginning.

Can fashion save the world?


A question that might seem naïve, but it cuts straight to the core of everything that we do here at Savannah Morrow. After all, as we are in the business of making fashion, we cannot ignore the industry’s massive, negative impact on the environment and people. From emitting large quantities of CO2 to water pollution, waste, and human rights abuses, fashion has not been kind to our planet. In fact, it has often been a catastrophe.

And yet, here we are, making fashion in the hope of making the world better.

As we have written before on a similar topic on our blog, we look at clothes differently. For us, clothes are something beyond the industry, business, and profit. Clothes are about our identities, relationships, and belongings. Moreover, through our work with natural, raw fibers and old, artisanal techniques, clothes also became our connection with nature.

We like to think of our garments as a symbol of the connection described above. They are a reminder that beauty is in nature, and you are a part of it.

By doing the fashion ethically and consciously at every step, we also hope to remind the industry that it can be different. We hope to help transition the fashion industry into a regenerative, supporting, compassionate system. A system that gives rather than takes away.


Though fashion alone might not be able to save the world, it can contribute to creating a safer future for the planet and all life on it.  

If you have ever purchased a piece from Savannah Morrow or are considering doing so, we want you to know that you contribute to this mission. You are buying much more than clothes.

Your purchase supports artisans and small businesses globally, who are finding ingenious ways to make clothes in harmony with nature. When you opt to buy something from us, you also contribute to the slow fashion philosophy in fashion and show that quality matters over quantity.

For this, we thank you.

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