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Crafted in 50% Bamboo - OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified & 50% Peace Silk

We revived our best-selling pant, the Lucia Pant and recreated it using our new signature bamboo-peace silk fabric. Meet our Zamia Pant. Light and breathable for the summer heat waves. Zamia features a drawstring waistline for a versatile fit low-rise or high-rise fit.

Fabric & Fit Detail: Features a drawstring waist for a versatile fit on the waist or hips. The fabric is soft to touch and has a flowing nature. Fits true to size.

Fabric Content: Crafted in 50% Peace Silk, 50% Bamboo - OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

Fabric Country of Origin: Made on handlooms by our weaving artists in India. We choose to partner with fabric production artisans that use traditional, manual handlooms that don’t require the use of electricity to preserve the art of fabric making, support small villages with generations of fabric-making knowledge, and also reduce our carbon footprint.

Garment Production: Produced locally in LA at our in-house Savannah Morrow production studio next to our HQ.

Sustainable Fabric Details: Bamboo - Our bamboo is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and sourced from manageable farms. It requires zero fertilizers/pesticides to grow. Pesticides, especially in synthetic form, kill the microorganisms in the soil, robbing the soil of nutrients significantly decreasing its ability to feed the plants and control the water flow. Our bamboo keeps the soil free of such interventions, allowing it to naturally regenerate. As a result, bamboo needs significantly less water than most crops, such as cotton. Moreover, bamboo is a carbon dioxide-absorbing plant that helps to clean our atmosphere. Bamboo contains very high antibacterial properties. It utilizes thermal control through its hollow microfiber structure allowing it to be naturally warm, yet breathable. Bamboo is also one of the best fibers for absorbing wet moisture, comfortable & safe for your skin.

Peace silk - Standard silk takes 1700 to 2000 cocoons boiled alive to make one silk dress. Our fabric suppliers harvest the silk cocoons only after the silkworms have left the cocoon. No silkworms were killed in the process of making this garment.

Care Details: Dry clean or hand wash in cool-warm water. Lightly steam press. Due to the nature of this wrinkle fabric, it can expand with each wear. If you find some areas of the wrinkle have flattened out after being worn, the warm water/steam heat will contract the fibers back to their original wrinkle state.

The fabric is entirely handmade on handlooms from delicate natural fibers, peace silk and bamboo. She can snag on sharp objects, so handle with care.

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