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100% Peace Silk

Crafted in our new, lightweight Peace Silk. This breezy top features a scoop neckline that gracefully rests on your chest and clasps at the front with hidden snaps as a closer. She is the perfect piece to effortlessly slip on day or night.

Peace Silk ( Ahimsa silk) - 100% - Rare things are as captivating as silk cloth. Smooth, light but durable, we love the luxurious feel of the silk but not the way it is made.

The usual production of silk or sericulture starts by harvesting the silk cocoons and boiling them, with the live caterpillars inside. This is done to keep the silk thread whole and undamaged. Peace silk is a type of silk, which is produced from silk cocoons, where the worm comes out of the cocoons. As the worm cuts the cocoons and moves away from cocoons, the Silk Cocoons are considered as the SECOND grade of Cocoons as it is not possible to get Reeled silk / Continuous filament silk yarn from it. So, our fabric partners collect those types of cocoons. When we became interested in silk, we firmly decided that we will do things differently. There is no beauty in clothes if it comes with suffering. This is why we turned to peace or ahimsa silk. This is a cruelty-free process that uses abandoned cocoons, allowing the silkworm to live its full lifecycle. We process the silk threads ethically and sustainably, working closely with artisans and using natural, handmade, and waste-free processes.

Made in Los Angeles at our Savannah Morrow sustainable production studio.

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Model is wearing XS.

She is 5'9" and her measurements are

Waist: 26"

Hips: 35.5"

Bust: 32-34C

COLOR: Indigo