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50% Hemp, 40% Organic Cotton, 10% Bamboo - 100 standard Oeko-Tex certified

Crafted in our new Bamboo-Hemp Knit fabric, the Asher Knit Dress will gently hug you while letting your skin breathe. Asher is cut on the bias to skim the body to create a flattering silhouette. This floor-length maxi is ready for day to night transitions with thin, crossover straps across her open bare back. 

50% Hemp, 40% Organic Cotton, 10% Bamboo - 100 standard OEKO-TEX certified.

Fabric feel + texture - This knit fabric is a slightly thicker fabric yet still breathable and soft enough for comfortable wear... No transparency. The Fabric has stretch.

Hemp - 50%

Hemp has been used in textiles for thousands of years and is celebrated for its durability, versatility, and natural resistance to insects.

This fast-growing crop needs no pesticides or chemicals and has the lowest energy footprint, compared to both natural and synthetic materials. Hemp also produces significantly more fiber than cotton, while using less than a third of the water. In other words, growing hemp saves land, water, and other valuable resources. Moreover, the crop returns 60-70% of the nutrients back to the soil, meaning that it helps to keep the soil healthy.

Hemp is not the only kind to our planet, it is a wonderful fabric for our skin too. Hemp is gentle, naturally anti-bacterial (and prevents odors), hypoallergenic, and UV-protective.

Organic Cotton - 40%

To enhance this nature’s wonder fiber and make it softer, more flexible, and light, we blend it with organic cotton. Organic cotton is a better and non-toxic version of cotton. There are no synthetic pesticides used, and it saves up to 91% of the water that regular cotton would need to grow. Because the need for additional treatments is minimal, there are overall lower emissions and waste associated with organic cotton production.

Bamboo - 10%

The bamboo plant is one of the most versatile resources today. Bamboo is not only a renewable source, it is also the fastest-growing crop, with some varieties growing almost a meter in a single day. As such, it requires less labor and land, making it available and relatively affordable material. In particular, we like bamboo because this plant needs no fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Pesticides, especially in synthetic form, kill the microorganisms in the soil. In the long run, pesticides rob the soil of nutrients and significantly decrease its ability to feed the plants and control the water flow. Using crops like bamboo keeps the soil free of such interventions, allowing it to naturally regenerate.

We choose to work with bamboo for its softness, flexibility, and natural antibacterial properties. Bamboo is also a high carbon-absorbing plant and is overall better for the soil. Unfortunately, due to mass production and a growing market need, bamboo became a profitable business. The reality is that just because the crop doesn’t require synthetic chemicals, it doesn’t mean that they are not used, both to grow the plant and to process it into the fabric. Today, bamboo is often planted as a monoculture, contributing to rapid forest and biodiversity loss. The supply chain is usually not transparent and we have no information about the safety and compensation of the farmers and workers involved in its production.

This is why we made sure to source organic and 100 OEKO-TEX certified bamboo, meaning that we use no toxic chemicals in any part of our production. As always, we create our fabrics and garments ethically, in close partnership with our artisans.

Indigo is dyed with our new dying partners. They are above sustainability and ethical production and use all certificated and eco-friendly dyes.

Made in Los Angeles at our Savannah Morrow sustainable production studio.

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Cut on the bias for a hugging fit. The fabric has stretch.

Model is wearing XS/S.

She is 5'9" and her measurements are

Waist: 26"

Hips: 35.5"

Bust: 34C

COLOR: Indigo