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Savannah Morrow

Created in 2017 by Savannah

I was born and raised in Australia, in a small stunning coastal town surrounded by nature. It was this beautiful place I called home that stimulated one of my greatest passions; nature. Similarly, I was intrigued by fashion and all that I could do with it in terms of creation. This love for fashion came as a child playing around in my mother's closet.

What I didn't know was that my two passions were conflicting. I came to find that the fashion industry is the second biggest world polluter, behind oil. When we think of world polluters we envision coal power plants, strip-mined mountaintops and raw sewage piped into our waterways. What we don’t think of is that the clothes on our backs or our favorite little dress are one of the main causes of pollution. Not only is the fashion industry one of the world's biggest polluters, but it is also to this day one of the biggest industries that are supporting slave labor. Discovering the overall impact the apparel industry has on our planet and people, left me entirely speechless. I then moved to Los Angeles in 2017, where Savannah Morrow began. I started selling at flea markets around LA, with instant love from women from all parts of the world, which inspired me to take the next step and launch my label online.

“I see both an urgent need and opportunity to bring change to the fashion industry. Therefore shying away is not an option, it is both an obligation and opportunity to equip myself with values, ideas, knowledge, and audacity to step out of the “current fashion norm.”

I believe that creating a beautiful sustainable fashion label, that is honest to our customers and respectful to our employees and our planet, which is what I value. I wanted to be able to wear beautiful pieces and feel good whilst wearing them. I wanted to know where they were coming from, who was making them, and what type of impact they had on our mother Earth. This issue prompted me to start Savannah Morrow, a label that will always strive to be respectful, honest, and conscious.

I am constantly sourcing and using materials that minimize harm to our planet. From the very start, we have worked with wild organic cotton with attempting to stay away from synthetic materials, using pieces that come from natural, 100% biodegradable sources. From our recycled swing tags to our recycled packaging, to working with 100% natural dyeing methods. We are striving to make every aspect of this label more sustainable as our resources expand. Savannah Morrow steers away from fast fashion sweatshops, working with small families in villages around the world. I genuinely care about our seamstresses, without them, none of this would be possible. Savannah Morrow delivers simple, free-flowing, effortless, forever wearable designs. I want my label to support the beauty in every woman; and the beauty that surrounds us, here on mother Earth. Savannah Morrow represents freedom, simplicity, and consciousness. Each collection represents a story coming from different parts of the world. Our pieces are 100% hand-dyed, each individual color has been created to bring out the beauty in every skin tone.

Savannah Morrow speaks to women from all walks of life. Women who live life to the fullest, who are adventurous, tough, confident, curious, and conscious. When you buy from us, you’re not just buying an eye-catching piece, but a sustainable one. You’re helping us make a difference in the life of our employees, men, and women in third-world countries. So they too can participate in global trade and can rise above poverty and improve their standards of living. By supporting us, you are supporting our mission to make a more eco-friendly mark on this Earth and the fashion industry. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, together, we can leave a lighter footprint on this planet, and turn heads while doing so wearing Savannah Morrow.

Love Savannah xx