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Our makers are the heart of our business. From the farmers who grow our fabrics, to the artisans who weave them, from our packaging vendors, to our end-of-life recycling partner, from the animals we protect, to the children whose education we help support. Savannah Morrow considers every living being in our pursuit of sustainability. 

These are our commitments to them—and to you: 


Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability 

We are dedicated to supply chain transparency and working toward full supply chain traceability. Even as our creative needs grow, you can trust that we only scale up after a rigorous process of due diligence into every new link in our supply chain. 




We ship our orders in entirely biodegradable packaging that can be composted right in your home, made from sustainably grown plant materials and non-toxic, compostable resin. We aim to contribute 0% to the fashion industry’s creation of plastic waste (estimated at 26% of the total volume of plastics created each year).


Cultural Traditions 

We aim to work with local artisans whenever possible, preserving and extending the legacy of generational cultural traditions and longstanding handicraft. We deeply respect the expertise of our artisan partners and will always honor their approach. We remain open to learning from these cultural traditions, rather than imposing our processes.  


Animal Welfare 

No living creatures are harmed in the creation of Savannah Morrow pieces. 80% of our fabrics are made with 0% animal byproducts. The only animal byproduct we use is silk, which is spun by silk worms in their creation of their cocoons. We prioritize the use of peace silk, which is sourced from cocoons that have already hatched, a more laborious, but cruelty-free process. When peace silk is not available, we prioritize the use of recycled silk, which is harvested from discarded saris in India. 


Code of Conduct 

To read more about our code of conduct and the standards we hold ourselves to, please read more, here