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The Voyage Pant ~ Natural

$149.00 USD
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Made from wild organic cotton and naturally dyed.

The Voyage Pant is designed to be worn high waisted featuring a hidden side zip and a buckle belt however the belt can be removed. The most sophisticated travel pant and oh so comfy.

Size Guide

Model is wearing Sample size. However she would be a S
Her height is 5'8in/173cm
Bust is 32.5in/83cm
Waist is 24in/61cm
Hips 36.5in/93cm

Pant Measurements

XXS Waist- 62cm/24.4inch
XXS Crotch Length - 32cm/12.5inch
XXS Full Length-100cm/39.3inch

XS Waist- 66cm/25.9inch
XS Crotch Length- 32.5cm/12.7inch
XS Full Length-102cm/40.1inch

S Waist- 70cm/27.5inch
S Crotch Length- 33.5cm/13.1inch
S Full Length-104cm/40.9inch

M Waist- 74cm/29.1inch
M Crotch Length- 34.5cm/13.5inch
M Full Length-106cm/41.7inch

L Waist- 78cm/30.7inch
L Crotch Length- 35.9cm/14.1inch
L Full Length- 108cm/42.5inch

XL Waist- 82cm/32.2inch
XL Crotch Length- 36.5cm/14.3inch 
XL Full Length-110cm/43.3inch



Please Note: Featured side up zip and removable belt 

Size Guide

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Natural Dye

Please Note: Color tones may vary slightly on each piece as it is hand dyed & naturally dyed adding to its uniqueness. If you are planning on buying a "matching set" of the olive color, we recommend buying it together. That way we can match the color tones. We can not guarantee if brought at different times that the color tones will match perfectly.

Why is organic cotton important?

Savannah Morrow The Label is proud to work with wild organic cotton, grown with no GMOS, fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides and is 100% biodegradable.

Did you know, modern cotton farming accounts for 25% of the worlds use of insecticides? These chemicals are extremely harmful to the earths environment, people and wild life. Read more about the Savannah Morrow The Label materials here.

Why choose natural over synthetic dyes?

The Voyage Pant is naturally colored with plant based dyes made from tree bark and leaves that are grown on sustainable farms, owned by the zero-waste factory creating the dyes.

By choosing naturally dyed products, you are choosing to consciously make a difference in the world we share. Most fashion is chemically dyed, causing a huge pollution problem for our home, the earth, plus it is the no.1 polluter of clean water (after agriculture). 

Read more about the Savannah Morrow The Label factories and dying process here.