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Our new SS20 Ahimsa collection patterns are made by the ancient art of hand block printing. Block printing dates back to the 12th century, this method is thought to be around 2,000 years old.

The new patterns which you will find on our silk pieces within this collection are our first ever patterned design. We wanted it to be unique and of course hold eco-friendly values. This print is created by old traditional block printing methods.

So what exactly is block printing and why is it so special?

We have broken down the step-by-step process so you know why our block printed garments are the most unique. 

Firstly, our design is carved into a wooden block by a very talented artist, for this particular block print made within this collection there are three different designs meaning the artists use three different blocks to create the overall design. Separate blocks must be made for each color incorporated into the design, we have two different colors in this design.

After the fabric has been cut to size, the colors have been prepared and the blocks are all ready, the artisans can start to print. They will lay the fabric out across a long table and draw a chalk reference line. They then dip the block into the dye, press it firmly onto the fabric and then hit it with a mallet. This process is repeated by only the steadiest hands, until the pattern has completely covered the length of fabric needed to make our garments.

If there are multiple colors in the design, the artisan lets each color dry before applying the next, each with a new stamp. It is extremely time consuming and requires great precision so that there are no breaks in the design.

We are so excited to carry this traditional process within our work. We hope you adore our first ever print.